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What’s New at Integrity Botanicals? It’s Max + Me! Plus, There’s A Free Gift With Purchase, Too!

Here’s Max + Me, a super-luxe green beauty line that creates products with high vibrational ingredients to support the heart, body, soul and mind (really).  Below I’ve got my take on some of the products I’ve tried from their line (addicted now). For a limited time, you can get a free travel size Purity + Grace Cleansing Oil with your $60 purchase of Max + Me!  Use code: PURITYANDGRACE. Get it here.


sets out to renew, repair and invigorate skin and leaves it soft and dewy

So, so moisturizing and nourishing, Journey In Time truly is a top shelf body oil in green beauty.  In fact, it’s more like a treatment as it’s just so luxe.  Use Journey straight out of the shower when your skin is still damp (helps the oil to absorb better) and just take in the pretty scent. I think this body oil would be wonderful for anyone who is looking for a glow and to give some serious moisture to their dry, dull skin (Winter sounds like a good time to start).  The vibrational ingredients in this body oil help to open up the heart, body and soul and helps to calm the nerves.  


sets out to repair, nourish, hydrate, great for mature skins, calms

Enchanted is all about love.  I absolutely adore this face oil for everything that it is:  nourishing, perfect consistency (not too light, not too heavy) the calming and lovely scent and how soft it leaves my skin.  Vibrationally, Enchanted celebrates “beauty and love.”  You may also use Enchanted around the eyes and it’s recommended that you apply to your palms and hold up to your face to breath in the healing aroma before you apply to get the most benefits.  This face oil is recommended for skins that need calming and dry, mature types in need of hydration.  This oil also resonates with the heart chakra…I love that.  I’m highly recommending this oil as it is a real treat for the skin and nose (and the bottle is pretty large, too).


sets out to brighten, soften and truly cleanse the skin

I have to admit, I have only used Sweet Serenity as a mask because it’s just a little too precious for me to just use as a cleanser.  It’s so nourishing, that I want to keep iton my skin for as long as I can.  And let me tell you, it’s wonderful.  I love nothing more than a mask that makes really noticeable changes to my skin as soon as I wash it off.  Talk about leaving the skin hydrated, bright and soft!  The ingredients are beautiful with a base of White Kaolin Clay, Raw Manuka Honey, Shea Butter and the list goes on.  Honestly, you probably won’t want to wash it off.  It definitely “feeds” the skin.


Get a free travel size Purity + Grace Cleansing Oil with any $60 Max + Me purchase!  Use code: PURITYANDGRACE.  Get it here. Limited quantities.  One gift per person.  

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