Saturday , November 25 2017

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23 Awesome Things to Do with a Cardboard Box

Ever bought your kids a gift only to have them play with the box? The cardboard box holds endless allure for kids and cats and adults too. The best thing about recycled cardboard box crafts is that your kids get to participate in their creation and then get hours of fun playing with them. Here are some of our favorite things to to with upcycled cardboard boxes...

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A TRULY GREEN MATTRESS From Avocado Mattress! Plus, Get $150 Off Now!

Who doesn’t want a mattress made from non-toxic, natural and organic materials?  Well, now’s the time to get one from Avocado Mattress!    $150 off every natural mattress through May 31.  here. I wish I knew what conventional mattresses were made of before I purchased one.  What could be better than sleeping on a mattress made […]

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Memorial Day Sales in Green Beauty!

Happy Memorial Day!  Hope you enjoy these deals and have some fun while you’re at it! True Botanicals  $20 off first-time customers (valid on purchases $40 or more). Use code: KATIETRUE20. Avocado Natural Mattresses $150 off every natural mattress through May 31. Integrity Botanicals  Take 15% off of your $100 purchase with code: MDAY17. Velvet […]

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Best Camping Spots in Utah

Utah is full of opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. Here are some of our best Utah campsite picks for those who like to travel off the beaten track.

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