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Marie Veronique + Kristina Holey Tackle Acne, Aging + Dermatitis!

Green beauty loves Marie Veronique for her truly high-quality ingredients and the potency of her products.  Marie has just teamed up with skincare specialist, Kristina Holey to create three new products (more like treatments) designed to address inflammation of the skin, aging and acne.  Plus, new customers get 12% off their first order!


Eliminates dehydrated skin, calms inflamed/aging skin and fortifies skin conditions like rosacea

Great for all skin types, this serum was initially designed for clients who had weakened barrier layers, but after some research they found that everyone benefited from it as their skin felt more hydrated, they needed less moisturizer and their skin was super comfortable.  In a nutshell, this serum (not an oil, a true milky serum, which I love) is great for offering extra hydration and calming down the skin.  I love applying it before my face oils at night and in the morning.  Highly recommending this to anyone who needs relief from their ruddy, inflamed skin.


Decreases pore size, controls oil, inflammation and strengthens skin against breakouts

Okay, so you’re suffering from breakouts, acne, redness, blotchiness, huh?  Well, let’s fix it the right way by strengthening the skin without drying it out and causing it to be even more sensitive and inflamed. This gentle, yet effective gel works with the skin to supply it what it needs to heal while balancing oil production and calming the skin.  It’s ideal for skin that has been inflamed due to previous acne treatments.  If you don’t have breakouts, you can also use this as an exfoliant for a smoothing and brightening effect, so there’s benefits for everyone.


Calms inflammation, helps with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation of healing acne, reduces redness, rosacea, gives a dewy glow

Excellent for all skin types, this gel is formulated to benefit all types of climates and seasons.   This gel helps to decrease redness and sensitivity all while imparting a hydrated, dewy look to the skin.  What I find really cool about this serum is the fact that it has proven to reduce cyclical acne and inflammatory-based breakouts.  Soothing B3 Serum is fragrance and essential oil free, so it’s safe for even the most allergy-prone, sensitive skins.  I’m recommending you treat your skin to this serum filled with potent humectants…feed your skin!




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