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Mahalo’s Pele Mask Gives The Skin A Total Restart, Like You Just Had A Facial!

Does your skin need a really good cleaning?  Is it looking a little dull and ashy?  Here’s the green beauty fix-it-all, The Pele Mask by Mahalo!  It’s a handcrafted super mask made with volcanic ash to detoxify, brighten and revitalize.



ECO!  This mask can be refilled. You just send Mahalo an email with either your previous order number, or name used to purchase the Pele Mask, and they will provide you with a $20 discount coupon for a refill. When used with coupon code, the refills are $40.00! 

Mahalo Skin Care Pele Mask – Detoxifying

If you see my Instagram or read this blog, you’ll know I’m a big advocate for masking. Whenever someone tells me that their skin is looking a little tired or ashy or they have breakouts, I usually find that they’re missing a good mask in their arsenal.  THIS is a great mask that everyone should own.  Why? Because this handcrafted little Hawaiian mask made with volcanic ash and cayenne will detox and revitalize your skin without leaving it dry or tight.  It’s just what you need:  a great skin cleaning and fresh, revitalized skin left behind.  It sets out to fight acne, calm inflammations, restart circulation and oxygenate (I have it on my face as I type this).  It’s a wonderful revitalizer, too.  I also find that it’s great for the warmer months when you feel like you’ve had an SPF baking on your skin all day.  What I also love about Mahalo Skin Care is the bamboo packaging and the fact that the mask is refillable (see above).   And please don’t make the mistake of thinking that this mask is only for acneic skin, it’s definitely not, however, it’s not recommended for sensitive skins.   If you’re into ingredients, you’ll want to read these…they are gorgeous.  Get the mask here.


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