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Leahlani + The Green Product Junkie Join Forces In Masking + You Get A Free Vegan Mask Brush!

Who doesn’t love Leahlani?  Famous for their Mermaid Mask, their entire line is utterly delicious.   You only have to skim the ingredients on her products to know they’re potent, pure and the best in green beauty.  So, I’m excited to team up with Leah and offer you a free Leahlani vegan mask brush and free shipping for a limited time with any $75 purchase.   Expires Aug 27th at 11:59pm Hawaii Standard Time.  Just use code: KATIE.  Shop here.


MERMAID MASK  Let’s just start off with the big crowd pleaser, Mermaid Mask.  If you’ve never tried it, you won’t quite understand how much you’ll want to just put a spoon in this mask and start eating it or lick it off your face (guilty…just a taste).  Fruity and thick, this dark teal mask delivers serious nourishment to the skin. Great for all skin types, it’s packed with raw honey and  superfoods organic chlorella and organic spirulina (both of which give it its gorgeous blue/green color).  This mask will truly calm, hydrate, clear, soften and renew the skin.  It’s a great mask pre-night out, wedding or just when your skin is blotchy, stressed and in need of a good plumping!  $32

KOKOLEKA  I just used this mask this morning.  First off, Kokoleka means “chocolate” in Hawaiian and I have to say that this mask actually smells like you’re putting chocolate pudding all over your face (superb!)  Kokoleka is fantastic for oily and combination skin and skin that is suffering from acne and breakouts. Although my skin tends to be dry, I find that this mask doesn’t dry me out at all, so I use it to draw out impurities, balance my skin and clear out my pores.  With coffee, mineral-rich clays, coconut charcoal, coconut milk, cacao, this mask smells and feels so good on the skin.  A powder, it turns into a wonderful creamy paste when water is added.  Delightful!  $68

MELI GLOW  Love a great honey mask?  You’ll love this one.  Whenever I need a skin boost or a re-start, I grab my Meli GLOW.  This gentle, yet potent mask uses the power of honey, fruit, oils, hyaluronic acid and clays to increase blood circulation and oxygenation and to gently exfoliate and nourish the skin.  Meli works on a molecular level to give you a healthy glow.  This mask is great for all skin types but works especially well for mature, dry and combination skins looking for a new start.  $48


  • Get a free Leahlani vegan mask brush with your  $75 purchase.  Plus, free shipping!  Shop here.

  • Use code “KATIE” at checkout

  • Mask brush will be added into your order when you use this code!

  • Ends on Sunday, August 27th at 11:59pm Hawaii Standard Time.

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