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Floating Off-Grid Tiny House Gets it’s Sea Legs

Russia’s BIO Architects have hit this one out of the park. The challenges of remote locations and severe weather, oh and creating a floating tiny house were not only met, but exceeded. This amazing cabin isn’t just by the lake, it’s actually on the lake!

The prefabricated DD16 is designed to float on water, but can be built on land too and runs off-grid with a solar power system. It has a floor space of 16 sq m (172 sq ft) inside, while its deck measures 7 sq m (75 sq ft). The floating tiny house features a wood-burning stove and a composting toilet. Floating pontoons mean it can be placed on remote lakes by helicopter or put in place with a crane.

“The frame is made of laminated wood with a milled ports,” explains BIO Architects. “The ports helped to decrease the weight and cold bridges and gaps. Polyurethane foam is used as an insulation, the rigidity of which helped to decrease the weight of inner finishing materials. The exterior finishing is made of composite aluminum sheets which allowed [us] to make seamless surface from the top to bottom.”

Source: BIO Architects. Photos by Vlad Mitrichev

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