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Fall Foraging Made Easy with the Falling Fruit Map

When you think of fall foraging, urban areas aren’t exactly your location of choice. But there are tons of fruit trees, berries and fungi hotspots in every city. Colorado non-profit Falling Fruit is working to hook urban foragers up with opportunities to collect their own fruits and veggies.

foraging for beginners

Falling Fruit’s interactive map is a comprehensive collection of foraging sites that is user-driven. Users mark sites with foraging opportunities and update the map constantly to reflect the changing foraging landscape.

Falling Fruit is a worldwide collaborative map of urban harvest opportunities which brings foragers, freegans, and foresters together to create a resource we can all share. The map already show over  half million food sources around the world and is growing every day.

Find the map at Falling Fruit and add your own foraging spots to help others make the most of urban fall foraging opportunities.


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