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DIY Upcycled Halloween Costumes

The scary season is almost upon us and if you’ve just realized you only have a week to get your costume together, then relax. We have some amazing DIY Halloween costumes for every family member. Resist, at all costs, the temptation to pop down to the store and buy another cheap outfit that will end up in the landfill and give Halloween a little love with these upcycled costumes you can make in no time at all!

DIY homemade halloween costumes

A large plastic soda pop bottle makes the perfect scuba tank for young divers.

upcycled Halloween costume

Octopus: 4 pairs of leggings is all this costume needs.

DIY Halloween costume ideas

Yellow yarn for pasta with some pompom meatballs and you’ve got yourself a great homemade Halloween costume!

upcycled Halloween costume

Finding Nemo: Pool noodles or balloons make the perfect anemone

DIY Halloween costume ideas

Perfect for tutu lovers, get a DIY tutu tutorial here.

recycled Halloween costume

This Napoleon Dynamite Halloween costume is epic.

DIY Halloween costume ideas

Just a couple of dollar store pompoms and a glue gun makes this great gumball machine Halloween costume.



DIY Halloween costumes Medussa

Pair this upcycled plastic snake Medusa hairdo with a flowing robe.


upcycled Halloween costume


Recycle some poster board to make these Google maps DIY Halloween costume.

DIY Halloween costumeninja turtles

Upcycle an old foil oven dish to make a DIY teenage mutant ninja turtles costume.

last minute Halloween costume ideas

This great idea for a last minute no-sew Halloween costume is perfect for fans of Charlotte’s web.

upcycled Halloween costume

Use an old umbrella to create this upcycled jelly fish costume.

Easy children's halloween costume ideas

A sweet little deer costume just takes a glue gun and some imagination.

upcycled Halloween costume

Great E.T. costume: use an old milk crate to relive this iconic scene.

DIY Halloween costume Bat

Upcycle a broken umbrella to make this DIY bat costume.

DIY Halloween Costume the shining

I’m back! This scary The Shining costume can be made with a little cardboard and an ax.

DIY Halloween Costume apple man

Attach an apple to a bowler hat for this  DIY Halloween costume.

Homemade costume ideas

This is great for any age  – the classic Clark Kent!

DIY Baby Granny

Upcycle plastic plumbing pipes to make a walker for your grandma!

Frida Khalo DIY Halloween Costume

Sweet Frida Kahlo  costume for the artist in the house.

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