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DIY Minecraft Party with Printables

My youngest son, Alex turned seven last month. He’s a HUGE Minecraft fan, so we decided to host a Minecraft bash to honor him. Once I started shopping for party favors, I nearly had a heart-attack when I saw the price tags! Then I thought to myself, how hard can this be? I can make my own party favors and rock this thing….I hope. 😉

DIY Minecraft Party with Printables

I gave this whole DIY thing a try and I was actually happy with the results! I saw tons of cool suggestions online, but there weren’t many printables, so I spent hours designing my own. To make YOUR LIFE EASIER I decided to put everything in one place. This is my DIY Minecraft Party with Printables. You’re welcome! 😀

What To Buy

  1. Plain green bags – For Goody Bags
  2. Sharpie Markers – For Goody Bags (and cups, if desired)
  3. Paper Grass Mats – For Table Decorating
  4. Small Treat Bags – For Treats (of course!)
  5. Card Stock – For Printing Treat Bag Tops and Food Tents
  6. Green Shirts – For Creeper Face DIY Shirts (if desired). I got mine from Blank Apparel…because they were CHEAP! 
  7. Iron on Transfers – For Creeper Face DIY Shirts (if desired)

Food Suggestions – Treat Bags

DIY Minecraft Party

  1. Hershey Kisses – Diamonds
  2. Sour Watermelon Gummies – Watermelon
  3. Hershey Mini Candy Bars w/Almonds – Gold Ingot
  4. Pretzel Sticks – Sticks
  5. Cookie Cereal – Cookies
  6. Twizzlers – TNT
  7. Swedish Fish – Cooked Fish

Food Suggestions – Main Course and Cupcakes


  1. Chicken Nuggets – Cooked Chicken
  2. Carrots or Cheetos – Carrots
  3. Potato Chips – Potato 
  4. Chocolate Rice Crispy Treats – Cocoa Beans
  5. Chocolate Cupcakes with Green Grass Icing

Creeper Goody Bags, Cups & Shirts

DIY Minecraft Goody Bags Cups Collage

I decided to set-up a station where the kids could make their own goody bags at the end of the party. To save money, I bought plain green bags and cups from the local Dollar Tree, but you can also order all your supplies from Amazon. I printed out a Creeper Face Template and applied to the cups and bags using sharpie markers. 

Creeper Face Template for Goody Bags Cups & Shirts


Printing Instructions for Cups and Bags

To make the image the correct size, follow the visual instructions below. Uncheck the “Fit to Frame” box, choose 3.5 x 5 size and 4 copies of the picture. That will make it small enough to fit on your goody bags and cups. 

Creeper Face Template for Cups and Goody Bags PRINT INSTRUCTIONS

DIY Creeper Shirts

Use the Creeper Face image above and print on Iron On Transfers. Print it as size 8.5 x 11 and be sure to uncheck the “Fit to Frame” box. Then, cut the face out and iron onto the shirts according to the directions. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

DIY Creeper Shirts

Minecraft Treat Bags and Food 

This is the fun part! Minecraft has so many items, you can make a treat bag for just about anything you want. I also made tent cards for the food table. I made my life easier by ordering a big Chick-Fil-A chicken nugget and fruit tray. Go ahead and copy me! 😀

MineCraft Treat Bags CollageTreat Bag Printables

Carrot Printable Coal printable Cooked Chicken Printable Cooked Fish Printable Cocoa Beans Printable Cookie Printable Gold Ingot Printable Diamonds Printable Stick Printable Melon Printable

How to Print Treat Bag Toppers


Printing Instruction Image

How to Print Table Tents


Printing Instruction for Table Top

Minecraft Swords

I came across a really cool website that had printables and instructions for creating your own Minecraft Swords. This was the most challenging DIY project I did for the party. The swords looked cool, but the kids broke them with a quickness! Check out this blog for step-by-step instructions: How to Make Minecraft Swords and Pick Axe.

Minecraft Swords

Creeper Cupcake Toppers

For the Cupcakes I was a little lazy. Shhh! I went to the local supermarket and had them make chocolate cupcakes with green “grass” icing. Then I just printed creeper faces and glued them to toothpicks. I had my youngest help me with this part. It was a fun project! 

DIY Creeper Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake Topper Printable

Creeper Image for Cupcakes

Final Thoughts

Have fun getting ready to honor your Minecraft fan. Get the kids involved in preparing for the party. It’s a great way to spend time together and get excited about the fun! Enjoy.

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