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13 Upcycled Lamp Projects You can Make at Home

Upcycled lamps could not be easier to make. Simply get a lamp fixture from your local hardware store and then add a little imagination. You probably have tons of things around your home you could use! Here are some ideas to get you started.

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Hedgehog Highways are a Thing and They are Adorable

Becoming an oasis for everything from bees to hedgehogs can help support animal and insect populations in the city.

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Freaks of Nature Thursdays: Crazy Crustaceans

The Giant Coconut Crab is the largest anthropod on land weighing in at 4.1 kg. Although this creepy crustacean starts

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Do you Want to Win a Tesla Model 3 made for Elon Musk’s Brother?

Elon Musk's brother, Kimbal, is giving away his personal Tesla model 3, only the sixth one to roll off the production line.

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3 Tiny House Design Winners of the Architectural Challenge 2018

Architectural Challenge 2018, a contest run by modular building company Ryterna modul challenged participants with designing a 269-square-foot tiny home that was modular and functional.

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I’ve been testing out so much great green beauty these days and yes, this list is all over the place, but I wanted to share ’em with you!  So, here goes… HONORÉ DES PRES LOVE COCONUTS  Love Coconuts has been my go-to perfume for many, many years now.  Don’t worry, I know coconut can be very […]

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6 Breathtaking US Campsites to Explore this Spring

For those who are afflicted with cabin fever, for the hammock dreamers and the barefoot strollers. For the campfire makers and the lake swimmers, the smores eaters and the star gazers. We know you’re longing for the spring and we’d like to fuel your outdoor dreams.

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Cow Breaks Free of Enclosure to Run Wild with the Bison

A cow in the Bialowieza Forest in Poland has decided to give up the comfort of domestication to join a herd of 50 bison. An ornithologist with the BBC, Adam Zbyryt, was the first to spot the errant cow, which escaped from its enclosure last fall.

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Glorious Cabin in New York Woods is the Stuff of Dreams

Scott Newkirk’s homage to the little cabin in the woods will make you want to sell everything and head for the hills. Idyllic setting and creative use of space make this off-grid home the perfect place to recharge.

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Spring Guide to Super Soil

All good gardeners know that soil is the secret to success. Understanding how to get the right balance will give you verdant veggies and beautiful blooms.

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