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B True Beauty: My Latest Green Beauty Find! Plus, Get A Free Beauty Water With Any Purchase!

B True Beauty’s products are formulated to deliver vitamins, minerals and nutrients to the skin, stimulate cell turnover, protect against free radicals and help maintain the skin’s elasticity.  Right now, get a free Beauty Water with any purchase with code: GPJ.


B True has many different face oils to choose from, so why did I choose their Daily Beauty Oil?   Well, mainly because it contains green beauty superpower ingredients like organic Marula Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Carrot Seed Oil and it’s great for all skin types. Daily Beauty Oil absorbs quickly, smells fruity (I love the scent) and completely hydrates my skin. This oil not only moisturizes, but it also helps protect and repair the skin from free radical damage (from pollution and sun exposure) and leaves the skin glowing.  I especially love applying this before makeup. What can I say?  It’s just a really great daily face oil that’s affordable, too! Make sure to check out their other oils…they have something for every skin type.


I’m a toner lover, as you might know, so I was a little bit excited to choose one of B True Beauty’s Beauty Waters.  They have four to choose from: Rose Water, Tea Tree Water, Clear Water and the one I tested (and am still using like crazy) Graceful Beauty Water.   Highly addictive, Graceful has been making it’s way from my handbag back to my desk daily.  This beauty water is also great for those with fine wrinkles and firmness and elasticity issues.  It’s refreshing, smells wonderful and can be used throughout the day to aid in giving the skin a hydrating base for makeup touchups.  You can also use this toner post-cleaning to get rid of any residual dirt or makeup. DEAL:  For a limited time, get a free Beauty Water of your choosing with any B True purchase!


I would have to say that Cleanse Away The Day is probably my favorite product out of everything that I’ve tried as I absolutely love the feel of it. A big fan of oil cleansers for the face (if you haven’t used an oil cleanser yet, get this one) this cleanser really leaves your skin super clean, nourished, hydrated and feeling so soft.  I love the smell of it, so massaging it into my skin while loosening up my makeup is a real treat for me.  B True has oil cleansers for every skin type: dry, oily and combination.  As you wipe it off with a warm, damp cloth, this cleanser will remove all of your makeup, too. Cleanse Away the Day is great for all skin types, but definitely try it if you’re dry.  What are some of its star ingredients? 100% Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, Chamomile, Lavender, Geranium, and Rose!   Choose the best for your skin type and trust me, it’ll be your new favorite!

TAKE IT ALL OFF!  Makeup Remover

Need a new makeup remover?  This one will last you, too!  Take It All Off feels so great on the delicate skin under the eyes and it leaves no traces of makeup behind.  100% organic, it will also condition and help your lashes grow with its conditioning ingredients. So nourishing, what’s left behind on your skin will even make your eye makeup look even better!  This remover is suitable for everyone, even contact lens wearers.


This is a sponsored post!  All opinions are my own.  

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