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31 DIY Christmas Trees made from Recycled Materials

The carbon footprint of commercial Christmas tree farming, harvesting, distribution and disposal is astronomical. According to data from the Nielsen Research Foundation, approximately 21.6 million real trees and 12.9 million artificial trees will be purchased by U.S. households this Christmas. A study by the American Christmas Tree Association found that consumers would have to keep an artificial Christmas tree for 10 years in order to offset the carbon footprint of natural trees they would have bought during this period. Now you can make your DIY recycled Christmas tree out of stuff you already have.

Here is some inspiration for your recycled Christmas trees:

Upcycled Christmas tree idea

PVC piping makes a wonderful Christmas tree for small spaces.

Upcycled Christmas ideas

Upcycled pallet shelf Christmas Tree

Upcycling Christmas ideas

Give your old silver new life with this upcycled tree idea.

Festive decor

Folded book pages make a lovely tree

Festive decor ideas

Recycled rolling pins make a great Christmas tree.

Christmas Decor ideas

Upcycled handsaw Christmas tree

Christmas decor ideas

A tree made from upcycled lamp shades.

Christmas upcycling ideas

Upcycled rake Chistmas tree

upcycling ideas

DIY Stick Christmas tree

recycled chistmas trees

Tin can recycled Christmas tree

For a medical-themed holiday, try this upcycled glove tree

For a medical-themed holiday, try this upcycled glove tree

Upcycled wool cone trees

Upcycled wool cone trees

DIY Christmas tree

Recycled Beer Bottle Christmas tree

recycled bicycle Christmas tree

upcycled bicycle Christmas tree

DIY paper Christmas tree

Recycled paper Christmas tree

DIY tree from evergreen twigs

DIY tree from evergreen twigs

DIY book Christmas tree

DIY book Christmas tree

upcycled cardboard box Christmas tree

Recycled cardboard Christmas tree

DIY recycled Christmas tree

Recycled egg carton Christmas tree

DIY Christmas Tree

Recycled gift wrap Christmas tree

Recycled bottle Christmas tree

Upcycled Bottle Christmas Tree

Recycled plastic bottle Christmas tree

Recycled plastic bottle Christmas tree

upcycled furniture

Upcycled chair Christmas tree

Recycled newspaper Christmas tree

Recycled newspaper Christmas tree

Upcycled wine cork tree

Upcycled wine cork Christmas tree

upcycled bike parts

Recycled Bike Wheel Christmas tree

alternatives to Christmas trees

DIY fabric Christmas trees

Alternative Christmas Trees

Recycled soda can Christmas tree

Recycled Christmas tree

DIY Christmas Tree Made with Decorations

DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree

DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree

Homemade Christmas Tree

Floating Decoration Homemade Christmas Tree

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