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23 Awesome Things to Do with a Cardboard Box

Summer holidays are almost here! If the soundtrack of your summer is usually; “I’m bored!” then we have a cure that’s cheap and kind to the environment.

Ever bought your kids a gift only to have them play with the box? The cardboard box holds endless allure for kids and cats and adults too. The best thing about recycled cardboard box crafts is that your kids get to participate in their creation and then get hours of fun playing with them. Here are some of our favorite things to to with upcycled cardboard boxes…

recycled box craft

Upcycled Cardboard box houserecycled cardboard box crafts

cardboard box train craft

Upcycled cardboard box train

recycled cardboard box mail box

Recycled cardboard mail box

recycled cardboard treasure chest

Upcycled cardboard box treasure chest

recycled cardboard box rocket

Upcycled cardboard box rocket ship

cardboard box teepee recycle

Upcycled cardboard box teepee

recycled cardboard box tardis

Recycled cardboard box tardis

recycled cardboard box shop

Upcycled cardboard box shop

recycled shape toy

Upcycled cardboard box shape toy

recycled box puppet theater

Recycled cardboard box puppet theater

recycled cardboard box idea

Upcycled London bus

recycled cardboard box kitchen

Recycled cardboard box kitchen

recycled cardboard box gingerbread house

Recycled cardboard box gingerbread house

recycled cardboard box gas station

Recycled cardboard box gas station

recycled cardboard box fridge

Recycled cardboard box fridge

recycled cardboard box fort

Upcycled cardboard box fort

Upcycled cardboard box dragon boat

Recycled cardboard box dragon boat

recycled cardboard box dinosaur

Upcycled cardboard box rocking horse

Upcycled cardboard box castle

Recycled cardboard box castle

recycled cardboard craft

Upcycled cardboard box castle game

recycled cardboard craft ideas

Recycled cardboard box galley

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