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21 Killer Halloween Costumes you Can Make with a Box


Classic T-Rex Halloween box costume is perfect for dinosaur lovers the world over.


Barbie (and Ken) can come in their original cardboard boxes. You can also do GI Joe and other action figures too.



Lego Blocks require a cardboard box and some cream cheese or yogurt tubs.

Kissing booth

Kissing booths are a great way to ensure a fun Halloween. Make straps to wear over your shoulders to keep your hands free.

Hot air balloon

Up! Super cute idea and a great way to recycle an old cardboard box. This great Up! Costume is sure to be a huge hit.


Happy Birthday to me! Use an old box to make a birthday cake costume.


Smart phones and iPod Halloween costumes are really easy to make for the tech-loving kid.

Washing machine

Dish washers, washing machines and other appliances are easy to make from boxes.


A vending machine is a great way to upcycle an old box!


For fans of the Rubik’s cube, this box costume is a classic.

Thomas train

Use an old cardboard box to make this cute Thomas the Train engine costume for Halloween.


The classic robot is a super fun DIY Halloween costume to make.


Zoltan the Fortune Teller is a great box costume, especially if you make little fortunes to hand out to trick or treaters.

Star Wars

The Han Solo carbonite Halloween costume is easy to make. Just use an old pair of pants, a shirt and gloves to form the frozen Hans.


Create a claw game Halloween costume by cutting a window in an old cardboard box. Add old toys or dollar store finds and make a claw from tin foil.

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime takes some planning and careful recycled cardboard collection, but it does make an epic Halloween costume!

sponge bob

Sponge Bob box costume is a fun and easy DIY Halloween costume to make.

Slot machine

This slot machine cardboard box costume us a fun way to upcycle your old moving boxes.


This Tetris cardboard box DIY Halloween costume is a great group effort.


X-ray machines cardboard box Halloween costume.


The Star Wars Walker costume requires a cardboard box, some silver paint and a lot of coordination.

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