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14 Amazing Tiny Houses To Tickle your Fancy

The Tiny House movement is gaining momentum as an antithesis to rising housing prices. As people struggle to save enough money to buy their own properties, tiny homes offer a sustainable and affordable alternative. The small home design is usually on wheels which means home owners are able to bypass many of the permits which make building so expensive.

As tiny homes are so small and versatile, they can be placed just about anywhere and moved as the mood strikes. Even if you outgrow your tiny home, it makes a great guest house and can also be sold easily. Tiny homes free owners of mortgages, rent and the kind of overheads that would otherwise keep them in a 9-5 job.

Tiny homes are easy to take off-grid, giving home owners complete autonomy and helping to reduce their carbon footprints. Here are some of our favorite tiny homes:

Tiny homes

This one from Olive Nest Tiny homes comes with it’s own greenhouse and goes for around $81,000.

Cedar mountain tiny house

The Cedar Mountain Tiny House is a great way to head for the hills. You can buy the plans to this beauty here.

tiny home plan

This tiny house is a darling little country getaway. See more here.

modern tiny home

Made by the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, this beauty goes for between $62,950 and $72,950 depending on your choice of finishes.

tiny home ideas

This 196-square foot home cost just $11,000 and means owner and architect Macy Miller can live mortgage free.

mobile tiny home

Zac Griffin, host of Tiny House Nation, is the proud owner of this mobile ski chalet. It cost $25,000 and took just seven weeks to build.

tiny home

This tiny house offers incredible accommodation opportunities at the Blue Moon Rising Eco-tourism resort.

tiny home

Carrie and Shane from Clothesline Tiny Homes built this little gem in 2012. Visit their site here for tiny house plans and design help.

tiny home

Camp Wandawega is home to this adorable treehouse tiny home.

Tiny home

This adorable tiny house is the most popular wish list item on Airbnb. See the full story here.

off-grid tiny home

This beautiful floating tiny house in Russia is hauntingly beautiful. Get the full tour here.


And of course, no list would be complete without our very own Greenmoxie tiny house. The drawbridge deck makes it easy to move and adds a little extra security.

Zyl Vardos tiny home

This custom dragon tiny home is designed and built by innovative designer Zyl Vardos.

Muji Tiny Home

The bare bones Muji tiny home is perfect for the minimalists. Japanese residents can purchase these starting at $25,000.

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