Thursday , September 21 2017

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Home Meal Delivery Service Reviews

While it may seem foreign to some, the act of ordering ingredients or even prepared food online has been picking up steam over the last few years. Here is a review of the Blue Apron, Home Chef and Sun Basket home meal delivery services with promo codes.

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Freaks of Nature Thursdays: Weird Weather

Breast clouds, fish rain and sailing stones. Do you want your mind blown? Then read on brave adventurer… Nature is often odd, sometimes strange and regularly downright weird. Here are some freaky natural phenomenon some which can be explained and some of which, well….

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Oily Skin? Here’s Some Great Products from True Botanicals, Kosmatology, Osmia Organics, Tata Harper and Province Apothecary!

Here’s some of my favorite green beauty recommendations for oily skin!  If you don’t have a good mask or a great blemish treatment, you’re missing out! MOISTURIZE + EVERYTHING True Botanicals Clear Collection  If you’re looking for one line for your oily/acne issues, here’s what I’m recommending, the Clear Collection.  This line combats acne-inducing bacteria, […]

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AVOCADO MATTRESS JUST IN…$150 off any green/natural mattress with code: SALE150. Shop here.  MUN Take 15% off your whole order with code: TGPJ.   Shop here. CITRINE BEAUTY BAR FREE! All purchases over $125 will receive the GlamBag valued at $100 until Sept 1-4!  Shop here. THE DETOX MARKET Labor Day Sale. Shop here. INTEGRITY […]

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Foraging for Edible Wild Flowers

Whether you lost your food stash to a bear, need a little more to bulk up a meal or just want a colorful garnish to finish your dish, these edible flowers grow in the wild and are easy to identify.

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