Saturday , February 24 2018

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13 Upcycled Lamp Projects You can Make at Home

Upcycled lamps could not be easier to make. Simply get a lamp fixture from your local hardware store and then add a little imagination. You probably have tons of things around your home you could use! Here are some ideas to get you started.

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6 Breathtaking US Campsites to Explore this Spring

For those who are afflicted with cabin fever, for the hammock dreamers and the barefoot strollers. For the campfire makers and the lake swimmers, the smores eaters and the star gazers. We know you’re longing for the spring and we’d like to fuel your outdoor dreams.

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Spring Guide to Super Soil

All good gardeners know that soil is the secret to success. Understanding how to get the right balance will give you verdant veggies and beautiful blooms.

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Knife Making: Making a Handmade Foraging Knife

I'm so excited to post this video! For my foraging in the spring, I decided to create a unique knife that would perfectly serve my bushcrafting needs. We took a trip out to master knife maker, Steven Tedford and made this awesome video.

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Creative Upcycling Projects for Beginner Sewers

Don't throw out your old linens and clothing. Instead, use them to create wonderful new upcycled clothing, art and pillow covers or teddy bears. Give your old clothing a new lease on life that saves you money and is kind to Mother Nature.

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This Adorable BC Tiny House is for the Birds

Are you a fan of the feathered and fluffy? Then this human-sized bird house is the tiny home you've been waiting for. Nestled int he forests of British Columbia, this adorable tiny house is built from reclaimed pine felled by a recent wildfire.

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